Hello and welcome to The Other Side Sports. We started as a Georgia Southern radio show in 2011 as a response to the overreaching messaging of the mainstream media, specifically ESPN. I was watching ESPN and noticed common messages and themes being relayed throughout the day on every show and rarely with dissenting opinions. Not only was the messaging similar, they seemed to talk about the same things day in and day out, i.e. LeBron James, Tom Brady, etc for weeks. Ten Years later and the only major shift in ESPN’s programming is their incorporation of Politics.

Our Mission Statement is to diversify the sports news online discussion with information less talked about or through thought provoking conversation pertaining to any particular issue which may need a defense from The Other Side. We seek to be a counter to the mainstream as a place to come for a different perspective.

Outside of creating counterarguments for national news stories, we also like to focus on our local teams in Atlanta and talk about what’s going on with our teams. These stories will rely on stats based dialogue while also opening the floor for our fan-based opinions.

I hope you like what you read and see. We’re working to provide more visual content soon and hope to hear from you in the comments section for a healthy conversation.

-R. Jaracz