Giants now biggest game of the season for Falcons

Falcons kickoff Monday against the New York Giants in the spectacular Mercedez Benz Stadium. This game has traditionally been close and tough nosed where the better of the two defenses come out on top. Since 2012 the team that failed to score more than 20pts has lost this matchup. Its Eli and Matt Ryan's 5th… Continue reading Giants now biggest game of the season for Falcons

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TOSS’s NFL Week 7 Predictions

Week 7. Let's get it on. After three weeks of picking a winner in every matchup. Our standings are as follows; Stephen (yours truly) at 31-14. Robert has a record of 27-18 and Sniper has the record of 23-22. Lot of good looking games coming into the week. I think the Bears will give Tom… Continue reading TOSS’s NFL Week 7 Predictions

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Saquan Barkley and the Struggling Giants

The story for the Giants over the past couple of years seems to have many consistencies. From a hopeful yet ultimately disappointing 11-5 season in 2016 to the disastrous 3-13 finish of last year, the themes seem to be as follows: Unstable coaching, extremely underwhelming play from franchise QB Eli Manning, a shaky-at-best offensive line,… Continue reading Saquan Barkley and the Struggling Giants