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Long TOSS with Robert Jaracz

It's been a long time since my last entry here at The Other Side Sports.  I took a bit of a hiatus from writing to adjust some things in my life around but I'm back again. Instead of many articles throughout the week I am going to start a reoccurring article that encompasses many issues… Continue reading Long TOSS with Robert Jaracz

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It’s Time to Expand the Playoff

The playoffs were created to help conclude the argument of who should be deemed the National Champion.  The BCS forced only 2 options upon us, most of the time they got it wrong.  Before the BCS it was up to the polls to decide, which is how we have co-champions throughout history (last year Alabama… Continue reading It’s Time to Expand the Playoff

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Anyone Heard From Hurd?

By now even the casual fan of college football has a good grasp on how poor player development was under Butch Jones during his time at Tennessee. Jones and company were akin to great anglers who could haul in trophy fish with ease but couldn’t turn that fish into a meal. Some of the premier… Continue reading Anyone Heard From Hurd?