History in the Making

Don’t let anyone fool you, This is how it was always supposed to be.  The Warriors delivered the greatest build up to the best story ever told/seen.  It could never end with this climax.  A new benchmark for the NBA has to be written.  This is what it the entire season is built upon, the groundwork for the The Rematch of the 2015 NBA finals.  Golden State have set records to make sure their name is etched in stone, while the Cleveland Cavaliers were busy wrecking the East.  

Make no bones about it, The Cavaliers have every intention of stripping the Warriors of their crown and placing it where it belongs.  The Cavaliers have basically ran through every opponent they’ve faced and last time I checked, it didn’t look like they were slowing down any time soon.  OKC was tough, but the Cavaliers are not to be messed with right now.  In a game built around heat, LeBron will make sure they come out swinging and boy I can’t wait to see it.

But, try not to get caught up in the hype machine, because it always produces winners.  That. Is how. It works.  “We don’t want to believe it, I don’t believe in conspiracies, It’s true.”  Feel free to fight with it however you want.  “It’s rigged, the refs blew the games and that’s how it happened.  Don’t forget there are producers on this show too”.  I don’t buy into that for this particular season.

If you asked me who was the best team in the NBA all season, I’d say the Warriors.  The team most likely to beat anyone on any given day, The Warriors.  Their statistics are legendary and they produce records! This is the team of the 21st century!  The new era of the NBA!

But yet, Lebron’s the king of the 21st century.  HE’s the legendary superstar athlete who transcends basketball, not Stephen.  Is it not just as engraved in stone for the King to take back the crown and place it in a city that desperately needs one?  Is this where NBA history is headed?  Yes, and more, always.

Though one constant force remains brutal to overcome, it’s name is Status Quo.  And it usually grabs hold of whatever is happening and keeps it in line from time to time.  So, Cleveland and championships doesn’t sound like a thing that makes sense, and, you know, the Golden State Warriors led by Stephen Curry kind of has a nice ring to it!  So let’s make it that.  Golden State over Cleveland.  Looks right on paper…?


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