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Final MLB Toss Tie Table Standings

It's over. The final games of the regular season have been played and the MLB playoff field is set. I've been following this all year for the purposes of illuminating an area of interest of mine for a few years. I grew playing competitive baseball up until college. I have always loved the idea of… Continue reading Final MLB Toss Tie Table Standings

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Film Session : Falcons @ Colts

Sniper Steve back again after a short hiatus to bring the one and only internet expert's breakdown of what happened with the Falcons in Indianapolis.Before breaking into some film breakdown, high level this quickly proved to be a game of discipline. The Falcons again appear very undisciplined and Mike Conti shared some nice stats: Falcons… Continue reading Film Session : Falcons @ Colts

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QB Pressures Mean Nothing if the QB Completes the Pass.

The NFL is back. Many teams are still in preseason form, which isn't very nice for my Falcons team. As we look around the league for stats and fantasy waiver wire pickups on Tuesday, I wanted to address a little something that has bothered me from my time as a Falcons fan. "QB Pressures Mean… Continue reading QB Pressures Mean Nothing if the QB Completes the Pass.