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Final MLB Toss Tie Table Standings

It’s over. The final games of the regular season have been played and the MLB playoff field is set. I’ve been following this all year for the purposes of illuminating an area of interest of mine for a few years. I grew playing competitive baseball up until college. I have always loved the idea of “free baseball” as a player, I mean who doesn’t love playing games?

However, a few years ago it dawned on me that the records do not accurately reflect how the season went. So I started to look at a few ideas for how to better, more accurately reflect the best teams and make sure the best teams make the playoffs, mainly the wild card.

If you look below we have 3 different tables, all scored differently. The first is our TOSS scoring, which is Wins =1 and Ties = .5. This is pretty simple and easy. The second scoring is based on how the NHL records overtime losses and wins. The final table is classic soccer style scoring, with Wins = 3 and Ties =1.

Now I know baseball doesn’t have ties and this is something of interest still to me as all but 1 team (Chicago White Sox) played double digit extra inning games this year. Meaning, there were a lot of games/records determined by back of the bullpen type guys or even position players (i.e. Charlie Culberson for the Braves). Here is a breakdown of the numbers:

  • There were 420 (insert stoner pun here) extra inning baseball games played this year.
  • The Chicago White Sox were the only team to play less than double digit games this year (8, with a 4-4 record).
  • 6 Teams ended the season with double digit extra inning wins:
    • Atlanta Braves (11-6)
    • Boston Red Sox (10-8)
    • Colorado Rockies (10-6)
    • Houston Astros (10-4)
    • San Francisco Giants (13-3)
    • Tampa Bay Rays (11-8)
  • Tampa Bay finished the year with the most Extra Inning Games played with 19.
    • Followed by Arizona (18), Boston (18), and Pittsburgh (18).
  • The Los Angeles Angels finished with the least amount of extra inning wins (3).
  • And Finally, the 2019 EXTRA INNING CHAMPIONS goes to the San Francisco Giants. Winners of 13 extra inning games and possessing the best EI winning percentage at 81%.

It’s been a fun and interesting year and feel free to see how the tables look below and let me know if you agree with a weighted differential in extra inning outcomes or calling on ties to be a part of baseball.

Until next season, check out the many other articles and podcasts which will be coming to and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

MLB TeamsPoints
Los Angeles Dodgers (NL West Champs)105
Houston Astros (AL West Champs)104
New York Yankees (AL East Champs)101.5
Minnesota Twins (AL Central Champs)101.5
Oakland Athletics (AL WC #1)98.5
Tampa Bay Rays (AL WC #2)94.5
Atlanta Braves (NL East Champs)94.5
Washington Nationals (NL WC #1)94
Cleveland Indians93.5
St. Louis Cardinals (NL Central Champs)89
Milwaukee Brewers (NL WC #2)88.5
New York Mets87
Chicago Cubs86.5
Arizona Diamondbacks85
Boston Red Sox83
Philadelphia Phillies80.5
Texas Rangers77.5
Cincinnati Reds76.5
Los Angeles Angels74
San Francisco Giants72
Chicago White Sox72
San Diego Padres71
Pittsburgh Pirates71
Colorado Rockies69
Toronto Blue Jays67.5
Seattle Mariners65.5
Kansas City Royals62.5
Miami Marlins58
Baltimore Orioles57
Detroit Tigers49


MLB TeamsPoints
Houston Astros218
Los Angeles Dodgers216
New York Yankees210
Minnesota Twins209
Oakland Athletics203
Atlanta Braves200
Tampa Bay Rays200
Cleveland Indians193
Washington Nationals192
St. Louis Cardinals186
Milwaukee Brewers185
New York Mets181
Arizona Diamondbacks179
Chicago Cubs177
Boston Red Sox176
Philadelphia Phillies168
Texas Rangers162
Cincinnati Reds159
San Francisco Giants157
Los Angeles Angels151
Pittsburgh Pirates149
Chicago White Sox148
Colorado Rockies148
San Diego Padres147
Toronto Blue Jays142
Seattle Mariners140
Kansas City Royals129
Miami Marlins123
Baltimore Orioles116
Detroit Tigers104


MLB TeamsPoints
Los Angeles Dodgers310
Houston Astros305
New York Yankees299
Minnesota Twins298
Oakland Athletics288
Washington Nationals277
Atlanta Braves275
Tampa Bay Rays274
Cleveland Indians274
St. Louis Cardinals261
Milwaukee Brewers258
Chicago Cubs253
New York Mets253
Arizona Diamondbacks246
Boston Red Sox240
Philadelphia Phillies235
Texas Rangers226
Cincinnati Reds222
Los Angeles Angels217
Chicago White Sox212
San Francisco Giants208
San Diego Padres207
Pittsburgh Pirates204
Colorado Rockies199
Toronto Blue Jays195
Seattle Mariners190
Kansas City Royals180
Miami Marlins166
Baltimore Orioles166
Detroit Tigers139

-J-Raz (@Jraz447)

Go Braves!

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