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Film Session : Falcons @ Colts

Sniper Steve back again after a short hiatus to bring the one and only internet expert’s breakdown of what happened with the Falcons in Indianapolis.Before breaking into some film breakdown, high level this quickly proved to be a game of discipline. The Falcons again appear very undisciplined and Mike Conti shared some nice stats:

As you can see, under the Dan Quinn era, there has been a consistent issue with penalties. Being physical is all good, until that style is undisciplined and it costs in the Win/Loss column. Additionally, not enough to me is being said around Jake Mathews play of late. He has been getting beat by rookies and vets alike, and I expect more from my well-paid Left Tackle. Another trend I’ve noticed revolves around Takk McKinley losing contain on the edge. This was a real issue early against Minnesota, and creeped up again against the Colts. On early downs he gets over zealous and tries penetrating inside giving backs a free run outside the tackle. Communication has been another issue on defense where there are too many blown coverages. For a team bringing back a lot of veteran starters, this becomes hard to understand looking from the outside.

The first play we will take a look at is the first TD for the Colts. This is a blown coverage (cover 1), but it doesn’t help that Brissett is throwing from the cleanest of pockets. 3 seconds and not a rusher within 3 yards.

As we go on to the second play, this is a crucial point in the game on a 3rd & 1 with just under 10min to go. The Falcons fought their way back to make it a 20-17 game, and needed the defense to get a stop. This play shows why its a team game. Everyone on their play does their job, but one guy gets caught looking and it goes for a big play. Oliver has shown great promise tackling and even at times in coverage. Both these clips are from the same receiver in Pascal who had received 0 targets prior to this game. You have to believe if the coverage isn’t blown, that number would be the same as he isn’t out-running any of the defenders. Just left wide open…

Going to take a look at one more today, and that is the interception by Matt Ryan. No if’s and’s or but’s about it, Matt missed this throw. Contrary to most beliefs (including my own at first), this is more bad throw than bad read.

Here are some quick snap shots. Coaches film won’t release for a few more days, but fear not as the internet expert will be back with some more film breakdown for the Falcons 2019 season. Next edition, we’ll try and find some weaknesses of next weeks opponent Tennessee and what the Falcons may be able to do to get some traction and back in the winners circle

-Sniper Steve


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