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Updated MLB Extra Inning Tie Chart

The NFL season began and we already have our 1st TIE of the year with the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions finishing 27-27. If the NFL can get ties into their game then surely baseball can get their **** together on this issue. See the below the updated records for all MLB with extra inning games converted into ties:

Arizona Diamondbacks676016
Atlanta Braves785016
Baltimore Orioles44927
Boston Red Sox666215
Chicago Cubs726010
Chicago White Sox59786
Cincinnati Reds636813
Cleveland Indians785412
Colorado Rockies537813
Detroit Tigers379114
Houston Astros844713
Kansas City Royals498213
Los Angeles Angels65709
Los Angeles Dodgers87499
Miami Marlins448513
Milwaukee Brewers666313
Minnesota Twins844811
New York Mets676114
New York Yankees87489
Oakland Athletics795014
Philadelphia Phillies686212
Pittsburgh Pirates557216
San Diego Padres636910
San Francisco Giants577214
Seattle Mariners528210
St. Louis Cardinals745910
Tampa Bay Rays805114
Texas Rangers656812
Toronto Blue Jays508113
Washington Nationals76579

At least in this scenario, the Detroit Tigers haven’t quite reached 100 losses already. I’ve written many articles about this rule change or even alternative scoring which I’ll continue to post updates until the end of the season.

  • A couple of notes for 2019:
    • Only 6 teams have played in fewer than 10 Extra Inning games.
      • Baltimore (7)
      • Chicago White Sox (6)
      • LAA/LAD/NYY/WAS (9)
    • 4 teams have won more than 10 extra inning games.
      • Houston Astros – 10-3
      • Boston Red Sox – 10-5
      • Atlanta Braves – 11-5
      • San Francisco Giants – 12-2
    • San Francisco holds the best record for extra inning games at 12-2.

As of 9/9, here’s the updated TOSS Table:

Los Angeles Dodgers91.5
New York Yankees91.5
Houston Astros90.5
Minnesota Twins89.5
Tampa Bay Rays87
Atlanta Braves86
Oakland Athletics86
Cleveland Indians84
Washington Nationals80.5
St. Louis Cardinals79
Chicago Cubs77
Arizona Diamondbacks75
New York Mets74
Philadelphia Phillies74
Boston Red Sox73.5
Milwaukee Brewers72.5
Texas Rangers71
Los Angeles Angels69.5
Cincinnati Reds69.5
San Diego Padres68
San Francisco Giants64
Pittsburgh Pirates63
Chicago White Sox62
Colorado Rockies59.5
Seattle Mariners57
Toronto Blue Jays56.5
Kansas City Royals55.5
Miami Marlins50.5
Baltimore Orioles47.5
Detroit Tigers44

Updated Hockey Style Scoring:

Houston Astros191
New York Yankees190
Los Angeles Dodgers189
Atlanta Braves183
Minnesota Twins183
Tampa Bay Rays180
Oakland Athletics177
Cleveland Indians173
St. Louis Cardinals165
Washington Nationals164
Chicago Cubs158
Arizona Diamondbacks158
Boston Red Sox157
Philadelphia Phillies154
New York Mets153
Milwaukee Brewers153
Texas Rangers149
Cincinnati Reds143
Los Angeles Angels141
San Francisco Giants140
San Diego Padres139
Pittsburgh Pirates133
Chicago White Sox128
Colorado Rockies126
Seattle Mariners120
Toronto Blue Jays118
Kansas City Royals115
Miami Marlins108
Baltimore Orioles97
Detroit Tigers93

Updated Soccer Style Scoring:

Los Angeles Dodgers270
New York Yankees270
Houston Astros265
Minnesota Twins263
Tampa Bay Rays254
Oakland Athletics251
Atlanta Braves250
Cleveland Indians246
Washington Nationals237
St. Louis Cardinals232
Chicago Cubs226
Arizona Diamondbacks217
Philadelphia Phillies216
New York Mets215
Boston Red Sox213
Milwaukee Brewers211
Texas Rangers207
Los Angeles Angels204
Cincinnati Reds202
San Diego Padres199
San Francisco Giants185
Chicago White Sox183
Pittsburgh Pirates181
Colorado Rockies172
Seattle Mariners166
Toronto Blue Jays163
Kansas City Royals160
Miami Marlins145
Baltimore Orioles139
Detroit Tigers125

As you can see above, there are many ways the MLB could address this topic with the results benefiting the league as a whole.



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