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Ramsey Doomed Jags?

By now, most of you have seen Ramsey’s comments on all the QB’s in the NFL. Trash talk and calling out players isn’t uncommon, but this level is new to the NFL. Ramsey is a top flight young corner in this league, and just made an amateur mistake. This is the NFL. If you think any long term starting QB is “trash”, you are delusional. There are better QB’s and better teams. There is the occasional trash QB, but they don’t last in this league.

Teaxns Hopkins
Hopkins vs Ramsey 2016 via Houston Texans

At one point he had to ask Matt Ryan’s name, and then proceeded to ramble about 1 OC and the quality of his game (a 10 year vet). He couldn’t even remember his name, but yet you know about his game? That sounds like ignorance is behind some of these statements (He is still young for the NFL) There are many examples of this obvious lack of film watching. Kirk Cousins is a winner? No he’s 26-30 as a starter. That’s not a winner Mr. Ramsey.

First things first, their division is already tougher with Luck coming back. He essentially called him out saying he isn’t good. That’s two games he just gave his competitor a reason to work extra hours. Maybe he forgot how good the Colts were prior to Luck’s injury and his 125 Rating against the Ramsey?Luck vs Ramsey

He avoided calling out the rest of the division calling Mariota, “…a great player for his team”. About Watson, “He will be a MVP in a couple years. One hundred percent.” So in terms of division, he avoided calling out 2 of the young upcoming QB’s, but to say Mariota is great in any capacity is just preposterous at this point.

For the rest of the schedule, Game 1 is NYG, about Eli, “It’s Odel”, because he isn’t a 2 time SB MVP. Eli has always been hit or miss, but he’s a competitor as well coming in with the best RB group he’s had in years. The defense should regress towards the mean at the very least, but as well on paper look to be one of the most talented rosters. Not smart after this team just got a coach fired by having their teammates back. I’d expect Eli is going to be excited to attacked Ramsey in the first game of the year and his receivers to show there’s more than “just” Odel on the team.

Tom Brady is next and this will be a challenge in and of itself. After the Patriots they get the Jets @ home & Chiefs on the road, he avoided saying anything about their QB’s. Dallas he said the team runs through Zeke, but complimented Prescott. In week 8 they draw Philly who again is loaded with a future MVP according to Ramsey. Outside maybe the Jets (though they look improved as all teams do in August) those games were all going to be tough regardless of how he spoke on the QB.

Big Ben Throw to Holmes Super Bowl 43

Then in week 10 the Steelers who he said Big Ben was “Decent at best” and “It’s [Antonio Brown]” as if he doesn’t have rings himself without Brown. Big Ben is a competitor and no one can deny that. You don’t give competitors, who have won at the highest level, reasons to want to come after you. The catch by Holmes wasn’t just a great catch, it was a perfect back shoulder throw, and one of the hardest throws in the NFL to throw accurately without 3 defenders in that corner. This very well could cost the Jags this game at home.

Then the Bills, who he laid into Allen and gave his predictions of a doomed career. (To be fair Allen is a polarizing prospect). It’ll be fun to see if Allen is starting by that point. Finally they finish against the Redskins & Dolphins where he largely avoided saying anything inflammatory about them.

If we take a look at how many teams  it probable to say the Jags could face it, if they happen to make the postseason, these are: Joe Flacco (“He Sucks”), Ben Roethlisberger (“Decent at best”), Eli Manning (“Odel makes him”), and Andrew Luck (“He isn’t good”).

The Jags already had a tough schedule, with games against the Patriots, @Chiefs, @Cowboys, Philly, and Pittsburgh as well as division games against Houston. That was 7 tough games before you called out Luck and Manning who’s teams may not look on paper to stack up, but now have real fuel to add to the target winning and getting to an AFC Championship already creates. 3 additional potential losses makes 10 games where teams will be gunning for them with QB’s. These teams are going to use all the film from last year and this season to figure out all your flaws and weaknesses. In the NFL 2 losses is the difference between playoffs and the couch. Jalen Ramsey, in this writers opinion, just signed the death warrant on the season. Teams aren’t surprised and now have even more reason to come with their best game as if they didn’t have reason already. Bad, amateur move by Ramsey that will cost his whole team this season. Worst part is it was completely unwarranted or necessary.

Here’s a few reminders to Ramsey, that you CAN be beat, and now you’ve given players all the more reason to play their best game when facing you.






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