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The Other Side NFL Conference Bets 1.0

We are winding through preseason action, and by now we’ve gotten at least a good look at raw talent on each team. Let’s take a look at some enticing (and disgusting) future odds for the 2018 NFL Season. Overall, the AFC has some really interesting plays for dark horses, where the NFC is a little riskier given the conference strength.

AFC Odds

AFC Odds
Odds via

  AFC plays are always the most fun as there is always a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars who can make conference finals. As Brady and Belichick age (and, supposedly, grow apart) this leaves a good opening for another team to pounce. Let’s start with way over valued bets (and consequently overrated teams). First on my list is the Los Angeles Chargers. How they ended up with the 4th best odds is beyond me. I get they were hot to end they year, but come on. Every year feels like an album skipping with them. You’ll get you’re period of beautiful sounding music and then the record starts skipping ruining the whole mood. Second, the Houston Texans. Look I get it with DeShaun Watson and how great he looked last year, but I do not believe people are paying enough attention to how much the time lost hurts him. Teams now have some game film to watch and he is coming off another major knee injury. For the record, I believe Watson will have a great career and bounce back, but I also see a sophomore slump and more realistic expectations coming in his future (I mean, people are appointing him future MVP already). Add on the defense has had health issues which have taken away the best years of it’s best players outside Clowney, and this team is maybe the 10th best odds realistically.

Smart Bets

Kansas City Chiefs : Sure, Andy Reid hasn’t won a super bowl so there’s risk there, but in terms of winning his conference, he’s proven capable.  Don’t sleep on how dangerous Hill and Mahomes can be deep. If they add that element while maintaining elsewhere, they are easily capable.

Denver Broncos : Sticking in the division, they also have a capable team missing a key component, competent QB play. While the preseason has turned me off to them more, I still have them on my radar as a smart bet. The next two weeks will determine whether its worth the risk.

Indianapolis Colts  : They have a top flight QB, when healthy, and once healthy, you’ll probably never see these odds again. In today’s NFL, you need a top tier QB and pass rush. Don’t sleep on the scheme change and it’s potential impact on the defense. They will play faster and if they get a good Luck and some turnovers, they can possibly pull off the AFC, though, is for them to win their division. That’s where I will place my money.

NFC Odds

NFC Odds
Odds via

The NFC is competitive from top down, so as a conference, they are tougher to find who will come out of the meat grinder. Like with the AFC, here are my dumb bets. First is Minnesota VikingsI cannot recall the last team that brought in a new QB and Offensive Coordinator and won in the first season. They have the defense, but their a 2020 SB pick to me. Next, Dallas CowboysThey have no receivers to create real separation, and their key COG on the offensive line is in a battle more important than football. (We at The Other Side Sports wish Travis Frederick the best and a speedy recovery in his battle with Guillain-Barré.)

Smart Bets

Atlanta Falcons : They have the sixth best odds and a top 3 roster on paper. Quinn has their defense playing like one of the top units in the league and an offense that is even more loaded with play makers after adding Calvin Ridley in the draft. If the 3 P’s (Passing, Passcatchers, Playmakers) are what wins in today’s NFL, the Falcons have all 3 and a fast defense to suffocate other teams players.

New Orleans Saints : Much like above,


the Saints have the 3 P’s and are improving on defense. With Drew Brees still slinging the ball all over, but now with running backs. They have the tools to be right there in the hunt again (if they can tackle…)

New York GiantsI’m not saying bet the house here, but at 25/1 odds, you don’t have too. The division is tough, but they have a roster, on paper at least, that can compete with the division. Dallas looks to have taken a step back. They may not be able to take Philly for the division, but wild card looks very viable. If Eli gets into the playoffs with a defense, we all know he’s capable of pulling off the big one.



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