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TOSS’s NFL Week 7 Predictions

Week 7. Let’s get it on. After three weeks of picking a winner in every matchup. Our standings are as follows; Stephen (yours truly) at 31-14. Robert has a record of 27-18 and Sniper has the record of 23-22. Lot of good looking games coming into the week. I think the Bears will give Tom Brady and the Patriots a run for their money but eventually the Patriots will win that game. Monday nights game between the Giants and the Falcons should be a high scoring game despite the injuries on the Falcons offense. Do the Browns win their 3rd game against Tampa Bay? Who knows? Here’s our picks!

Game Stephen 31-14 Robert 27-18 Steven 23-22
Denver @ Arizona Broncos Broncos Broncos
Tennessee v Los Angeles C Chargers Chargers Chargers
New England @ Chicago Patriots Patriots Bears
Buffalo @ Indianapolis Colts Colts Colts
Detroit @ Miami Dolphins Lions Lions
Minnesota @ New York J Vikings Vikings Vikings
Carolina @ Philadelphia Eagles Eagles Eagles
Cleveland @ Tampa Bay Bucaneers Browns Browns
Houston @ Jacksonville Texans Jaguars Texans
New Orleans @ Baltimore Saints Saints Ravens
Los Angeles R @ San Francisco Rams Rams Rams
Dallas @ Washington Cowboys Redskins Redskins
Cincinnati @ Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
New York G @ Atlanta Falcons Falcons Falcons

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