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3 Mid-season MLB tables based on NHL rules, Soccer Rules, and TOSS Rules

If the season ended today, we here at TOSS would have our playoff picture as below:

NL Playoff Picture

  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Atlanta Braves
  • Chicago Cubs
    • Washington Nationals
    • Philadelphia Phillies

Al Playoff Picture

  • New York Yankees
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Houston Astros
    • Tampa Bay Rays
    • Oakland Athletics

How we’ve done this all year is treat every extra inning game like a tie and provide points instead of records to determine the most deserving teams in the MLB to make the playoffs. These points work like a power ranking system so if you see a team like the Oakland A’s, who have been in our AL Playoff Picture for quite some time now getting closer to the 2nd Wild Card don’t be surprised.

Here’s what the point table looks like with ties/extra inning games counting as .5 points and Wins as 1 point:

MLB TeamsPoints
Los Angeles Dodgers60
New York Yankees55.5
Minnesota Twins55.5
Houston Astros54
Tampa Bay Rays53.5
Oakland Athletics52.5
Atlanta Braves52
Cleveland Indians50.5
Texas Rangers48
Washington Nationals48
Philadelphia Phillies47.5
Boston Red Sox47.5
Chicago Cubs47
San Diego Padres46
Los Angeles Angels46
Arizona Diamondbacks45.5
Milwaukee Brewers45
Colorado Rockies43
Cincinnati Reds43
Pittsburgh Pirates43
St. Louis Cardinals42.5
Chicago White Sox41.5
New York Mets41
San Francisco Giants40
Seattle Mariners38
Toronto Blue Jays35
Miami Marlins34
Kansas City Royals31.5
Detroit Tigers29
Baltimore Orioles28.5

Here’s the updated records for every MLB team which we follow all year:

TeamsWinsLossesTies/EI Games
Arizona Diamondbacks393913
Atlanta Braves473410
Baltimore Orioles26585
Boston Red Sox43389
Chicago Cubs44406
Chicago White Sox40433
Cincinnati Reds39408
Cleveland Indians48355
Colorado Rockies384110
Detroit Tigers25528
Houston Astros50328
Kansas City Royals27559
Los Angeles Angels44434
Los Angeles Dodgers58304
Miami Marlins30508
Milwaukee Brewers41428
Minnesota Twins52307
New York Mets37458
New York Yankees52297
Oakland Athletics48349
Philadelphia Phillies44397
Pittsburgh Pirates374012
San Diego Padres43416
San Francisco Giants37466
Seattle Mariners34528
St. Louis Cardinals38419
Tampa Bay Rays49339
Texas Rangers44388
Toronto Blue Jays31528
Washington Nationals45386

Baseball might not want to switch ties because of [baseball not wanting to change the game much from a historical perspective], but what if we decided to go the NHL route and keep wins but treat Overtime Losses/Extra Inning Losses as more than regulation losses? What would that look like?

Total Wins = 2 ; Extra Inning Losses = 1

MLB TeamsPoints
Los Angeles Dodgers122
New York Yankees116
Houston Astros115
Minnesota Twins115
Atlanta Braves111
Tampa Bay Rays110
Oakland Athletics107
Cleveland Indians103
Boston Red Sox101
Texas Rangers100
Arizona Diamondbacks98
Philadelphia Phillies98
Washington Nationals98
Chicago Cubs97
Milwaukee Brewers96
San Diego Padres94
Los Angeles Angels93
Pittsburgh Pirates93
Colorado Rockies92
St. Louis Cardinals91
Cincinnati Reds88
Chicago White Sox85
New York Mets85
San Francisco Giants84
Seattle Mariners81
Toronto Blue Jays73
Miami Marlins71
Kansas City Royals66
Detroit Tigers61
Baltimore Orioles58

And just because we’re having fun with this in offering multiple options here. What about keeping ties but making the points valued like a soccer table?

Regulation Wins = 3 points ; Extra Inning Games Played = 1 point

MLB TeamsPoints
Los Angeles Dodgers178
Minnesota Twins163
New York Yankees163
Houston Astros158
Tampa Bay Rays156
Oakland Athletics153
Atlanta Braves151
Cleveland Indians149
Washington Nationals141
Texas Rangers140
Philadelphia Phillies139
Boston Red Sox138
Chicago Cubs138
Los Angeles Angels136
San Diego Padres135
Milwaukee Brewers131
Arizona Diamondbacks130
Cincinnati Reds125
Colorado Rockies124
Chicago White Sox123
Pittsburgh Pirates123
St. Louis Cardinals123
New York Mets119
San Francisco Giants117
Seattle Mariners110
Toronto Blue Jays101
Miami Marlins98
Kansas City Royals90
Baltimore Orioles83
Detroit Tigers83

A couple of things:

  • The TOSS Tie Table and Soccer-Style Table look very similar from a playoff perspective however the gaps between teams are significantly larger because of the higher point totals.
  • NFL Style actually places the Diamondbacks in the playoffs over the Nationals as the WC and places more emphasis on winning games, no matter if it’s in Extra Innings or not.
  • TOSS Style creates the closest outcomes and point totals while keeping the totals lower and creating more emphasis on winning games in 9 innings.

Each style has it’s own pros and cons and I believe the TOSS formula works better for a full season competition and keeping more teams involved down the stretch of the regular season.

Let me know what you all think?



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