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Film Session : Matt Hennessy – Temple C Pick 3:78

Next up, was Atlanta’s 3rd round pick, a center from a small school as we know TD HAS to draft 1 small school guy every year without fail. To see AJ Terrell’s Film or Marlon Davidson’s Film click the hyperlink

Small school picks are hit or miss and the game film on Hennessy is hard to read fully since the competition wasn’t there. So in this breakdown, I’m going to focus on his senior bowl practice tape and game reps. At the bottom, I’ll post every rep he took in Senior bowl practice & play to see his full film.

Hennessy is an intriguing prospect and is coming into a good place to develop and adjust to competition level. Sitting behind Alex Mack is never going to hurt your game as a rookie. As you watch Hennessy Senior Bowl practice reps 1 on 1 you get a bit of a mixed back. He gets worked several times by Neville Gallimore, DaVon Hamilton, and Jason Strowbridge.

He was able to come back however, and get some solid blocks in himself. Though he really was underwhelming in practice. This is a surprise considering he looks way more comfortable on game film during the Senior Bowl that we will review a little later in the review

While his practice didn’t necessarily look great, his film during the bowl game would be a different subject. On his first snap he pancakes the defender and springs a big run to end the first quarter.

Then, the next play and to open the 2nd quarter he had a nice help block to set up the mis-direction TD. Those two plays make up his entire first series of the game.

The last clip I wanted to show from the senior bowl is probably his best block from the weekend. He perfectly sets up the tackle and turns him creating the hole for the RB. This block gives you a real feeling he can get the strength to be a real mauler on offensive line.

It’s apparent on film to in his second series of the senior bowl that he needs to build up strength at the next level. He’s not knocked over, but he also isn’t mauling everyone either. While you may get away with this against some these guys, when you face top DT such as Aaron Donald or Fletcher Cox, he’s going to have to add strength to not be a liability there.

What you love is he has a quick snap and release out his stance, and he knows how to real the DL and where to help when its needed. Playing behind Alex Mack and getting some time to adjust to a NFL diet and workout regime will certainly help speed his development. He has the tools to be a starter in the league if he has to the work ethic & drive to get it done. Solid job by the Falcons finding a talented player that can come in behind Mack should he want to retire after this contract year. Plus, he’s got the perfect last name to represent the A!

-Sniper Steve


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