Rob Manfred made a mistake, but he can still fix it.

In the past few days, much has been made about the election laws in GA.  Both sides of the issue misrepresent the law in order to present a winning case in the court of public opinion.  No voice has been louder on this subject than Rob Manfred.  

The commissioner of the MLB decided to strip Atlanta of the All-star Game and Home Run Derby.  The Battery, where the event would be held, is a burgeoning multiuse complex surrounding the Ballpark and is home to many businesses and workers who will undoubtedly miss out on a golden opportunity to play host to one of Major League Baseball’s premiere events

Businesses surrounding The Battery will also be hurt significantly because of this move, which include minority owned businesses.

The absolute irony is Cobb and Fulton counties (the 2 counties hurt the most economically from this move) overwhelmingly voted Blue in the 2020 election. 

So in order to be fair to the minority votes Rob Manfred cares so much about, he’s stripping them of economic surpluses which (as we all know) has been the center of mass equity scrutiny over the past year.  

Not only did he strip Atlanta of the game and surrounding events, he rewarded one of the whitest major cities (76% white to 9% black) in the country, Denver.  (One could make the argument this move is based in white supremacy and further propping up the white community but I’m not going to do that because I believe his intentions were in the right place). 

The main issue is bigger than baseball.  For too long we’ve known about the subversive financial corruption of the political system.  How rich and powerful people influence and effect our politics which shape the very society we all live in.  There is legislation in the House right now which tries to fight and curb this power and influence.  However, now it seems just fine for the MLB, among others, to openly wield their power in public spheres and commit Political Extortion in order to mandate certain policy changes in states which they do not agree with.  

The issue with Rob Manfred is he has abused his power as commissioner of the MLB.  He’s now opened the flood gates to political alignment and moral high ground for the MLB which has now come under fire for his dealings with China and Cuba.  Organizations like the MLB are allowed to make stances on issues but performing retribution upon a state based on their laws (whether he fully understands it or not) should not be a weapon the MLB’s commissioner has the option to use.

The overall problem with moving the game out of Atlanta is the law isn’t changing because of it.  If you don’t agree with the laws and want to voice your opinion and try other avenues to curb change then by all means do it.  However, the very people’s rights he cares about the most are the ones who will have to lost the most. The people in the surrounding areas aren’t the ones who passed the laws.  His issue is with the legislators of GA.  So give the people their game back.

Bring the All-Star Game back to Atlanta.  Let us honor Hank Aaron in the home of the Braves organization in the city that loves him the most, and then lets have the conversation for change.  The people of Atlanta deserve it.  If Rob Manfred is incapable recognizing his mistake and fixing it, then it might be time for him to hand in his resignation.

Here’s a link to a petition to bring the Allstar game back to ATL. http://chng.it/hJKwSPKWvc

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