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NFL Complete Predictions our look at all teams final records

The NFL season is upon us! Let the hype machine begin. Every team starts out 0-0 and almost every fan-base can come up with some outcome that allows their teams to win their division, potentially conference, and subsequently a Super Bowl victory. Only 1 team can hoist the Lombardi trophy at the end of the year and it’ll be a long a grueling journey to get there. Which teams will win it all? Who will be division champs? Our writers here at The Other Side Sports break it down for you.

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NFC South

Robert: The NFC South plays home to 3 league MVP’s and an up and coming Tampa Bay team. Suspending Jameis Winston may be a short term loss but it could lead to more problems down the road. Carolina is only 3 years removed from the Super Bowl but the loss of key offensive line members may be too much for them to get back to the playoffs. New Orleans and Atlanta will look to battle it out for division supremacy as the Falcons look to improve from the step back offensively and challenge the Saints for the division title.

ATL 13 – 3
NOS 10 – 6
CAR 4 – 12
TBB 2 – 14

Steven: The NFC South has proven to be over the last half decade the toughest division in the NFL. 3 of the 4 current MVP QB’s in the NFL reside in the NFC South. They have 2 of the top 10 defenses in Carolina and Atlanta. This division produces a new winner every year, and I do not see this year to be any different. Saints struggle early without Ingram, and it comes back to haunt at years end as Atlanta pulls off the division.

ATL 11 – 5
NOS 10 – 6
CAR 8 – 8
TBB 5 – 11

NFC East

Robert: The defending champs return to wreak havoc on the NFC East. I don’t think the other teams did enough to dethrone the champs but with Wentz scheduled to miss a few games, the other teams can only hope they get a lead on the division before he’s healthy. The Cowboys should be better than people think with the additions of Tavon Austin and Allen Hurns but losing Jason Witten to retirement and Travis Frederick to injury, it might now be enough. The Giants could easily surprise everyone with a healthy season and a 1st year head coach but I don’t think it’ll be enough.

PHI 11 – 5
NYG 8 – 8
WAS 7 – 9
DAL 6 – 10

Steven: The NFC East is one of the more interesting conferences to watch this year. Philly is coming off a championship, and added even more depth to a loaded team. The Giants have some interesting pieces accross their roster and the defense should be improved. Washington added Alex Smith who should keep them competitive in most their games. Dallas has an all new look after losing both its top pass catchers, but I am not buying the Dak will be better story their selling. NFC is too tough and this division outside Philly will struggle to make .500 this season.

PHI 11 – 5
WAS 8 – 8
NYG 7 – 9
DAL 5 – 11

NFC North

Robert: The NFC North just changed it up in my mind with the Bears adding Khalil Mack to an already underrated unit in Chicago. Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, and Kirk Cousins can’t be happy to have Mack coming for them twice a year. There’s still ?’s on offense but defensively the Bears will be a hard out for anyone. As long as Rodgers is healthy though, I’m riding with the Packers.

GRB 11 – 5
MIN 10 – 6
DET 8 – 8
CHI 6 – 10

Steven: The NFC North looks to be another tough year. This is a theme across the NFC where it is not inconceivable to see multiple teams win their divisions. The biggest story lines here are new coaches in Detroit and Minnesota. How quickly does Cousins and co adjust? Detroit brought in Patricia who figures to help their defense. Ultimately the division will be determined by Aaron Rodgers health. If Rodgers is healthy, Packers win the division as Minnesota works through the transition.

GRB 12 – 4
MIN 10 – 6
DET 7 – 9
CHI 2 – 14

NFC West

Robert: With the Legion of Boom’s dust all but settled, they’ll be looking like the legion of poof once Earl Thomas is gone. Maybe they have one more ride in them but the offensive line looks to be a major hurdle once again. Arizona has Stafford and a rookie QB and the 49ers don’t look to have a strong defense to win games.

SEA 11 – 5
LAR 10 – 6
ARI 5 – 11
SAF 5 – 11

Steven: The NFC West has the most exciting up and coming teams. The Rams burst on to the scene last year and look to repeat its success. Seattle flipped the roster, but last time this happened, they quickly showed they could compete with the best the league has to offer. San Fran with Shanahan’s offense showed the league last year that they aren’t to be ignored anymore. Arizona is going through a transition, but they still have playmakers like David Johnson who will make them a tough out. Much like the NFC East though, most the division struggles with the strength of the conference and struggle to get around .500

LAR 10 – 6
SEA 9 – 7
SAF 7 – 9
ARI 4 – 12

AFC South

Robert: The AFC South should be one of the more entertaining divisions in football. With Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson back in action and the Jags defense back being one of the best in the NFL, it’s hard to imagine how last years playoff Titans will fit into all of this. With Watson and Watt healthy this season I’m going with the Texans.

HOU 13 – 3
JAX 11 – 5
TEN 7 – 9
IND 5 – 11

Steven: The AFC is full of teams to keep an eye on. The QB play has fallen in the conference for any team without Tom Brady, but several teams have interesting young players and guys coming back from injury. Luck has shown he can be a top passer in the league, but how does he come back off injury? Watson is young and took the league by surprise last year. Can he continue his success? Jacksonville has one of the best defenses in the league and an affordable QB, but can that beat two potentially great QBs? I think the Jags slip not being a surprise and people forgot how much Luck can impact a team. Houston pulls it out behind a great defense and Watson’s return, but Luck puts the league on notice that he’s back.

HOU 12 – 4
IND 10 – 6
JAX 9 – 7
TEN 6 – 10

AFC East

Robert: The Patriots should go 6-0 in the division and clinch the division by Week 14.

NWE 12 – 4
BUF 5 – 11
MIA 5 – 11
NYJ 1 – 15

Steven: This has been one of the sorriest divisions for a good part of the last decade. Outside Sanchez’s blip on the radar and Tyrod Taylor, the division has given New England an easy path to the playoffs. Buffalo’s going to realize how good Taylor was for them (amazing they didn’t learn after benching him for no reason). Brady a Belichick roll the division again on their way to another division title.

NWE 12 – 4
MIA 5 – 11
NYJ 4 – 12
BUF 3 – 13

AFC North

Robert: The Browns have all the publicity. The Ravens defense should be top 5 in the NFL. The Bengals don’t look too great but always are hard to beat. With or without Bell I like what the Steelers have done retooling their Defense and James Conner can fill in nicely until Bell returns.

PIT 15 – 1
CLE 7 – 9
BAL 6 – 10
CIN 4 – 12

Steven: The AFC North is always one of the most competitive division games in the league. Even bad Cincy and Cleveland teams are capable of giving the top of the division headaches. There is also so much history with ownership moving teams and the oldest rivalries. There is genuine animosity in this division whether Burfict is facing the Steelers or Cincy and Cleveland and the hate that dates back to Paul Brown. The history is deep and the fans are deep rooted. Fun division to watch but Pittsburgh is too deep for the rest, but Baltimore will chop at their heels all season keeping it interesting.

PIT 11 – 5
BAL 10 – 6
CLE 5 – 11
CIN 4 – 12

AFC West

Robert: Jon Gruden has all but ruined the Raiders by putting them on a 7 year plan. Case Keenum and Royce Freeman should help a struggling offense get its feet back under it. The Chiefs have so many options on offense and will rely on 1st year starting QB Patrick Mahomes to spread it around. However, the Chargers shored up its OL which should allow Gordon and Rivers to thrive. Derwin James should l complete a defense that will be tough on every opponent when Bosa gets back.

LAC 14 – 2
KAC 12 – 4
DEN 8 – 8
OAK 4 – 12

Steven: The AFC just a few years ago looked to be one of the deepest and was going to start pushing for rings. However, with Denver struggling to find a QB and cutting a 1st round pick at the position doesn’t give you much faith in them even with their vaunted defense. Oakland is a big question mark after trading Mack and hiring Gruden to a 10yr deal. KC is the most interesting watch as Reid moved on from Smith in favor of Mahomes. As a Reid fan, I believe we will see improvement and Reid has proven to be able to evaluate QB’s. With that said, I expect a bounce back season from Rivers who once every few years reminds us why he will be on Hall of Fame ballots, and the roster in LA is enough to squeak out the division title.

LAC 13 – 3
KAC 12 – 4
DEN 6 – 10
OAK 8 – 8

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