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How Things Change Quickly

This season has been a crazy one for Falcons fans. Coming into the season all the talk was about the offense and whether Sark was ruining what Quinn had built. The red zone woes were notorious, and things just seemed off. This season kicks off with another game in Philly and it looks to be another repeat of the same. Then the Panthers come to town, and it wasn’t always pretty, but the Falcons found a way to be efficient on both sides of the ball. It looked like, maybe, they’d turned the corner. Then, devastating news hits that Neal is done for the season and Jones will be out for most of the season.

downloadThere wasn’t any time for breaks, though. Here comes Drew Brees into town and he’s bringing one of the more lethal offenses to town. The Falcons struggled throughout the game, but had some flashes before 3rd of the 3 most key Falcons defenders goes down. Once Ricardo Allen went down, the defense confusion set in and the calls start taking longer. Game goes to overtime, and due to losing a coin flip, ultimately lost the game. imageThe Bengals come to town next and begin to attack the linebackers. They knew we lacked depth and experience and looked to expose it. The Falcons fight and score to try and give themselves a chance, but for the second week in a row, the opposing team drives and scores giving the offense no chance to respond.

When the season started, the Falcons would of happily taken 30 points per game. If you would of said that, the thoughts would of instantly gone to another Super Bowl run. In the last 3 games the Falcons are averaging 35 points, they’re 1-2 in those games.

maxresdefault (1)

How quickly this season went from hoping the offense could score 30 when needed to wondering if they can win when they score 40. The starting QB now owns the record for highest QBR in losses in the regular season, NFC championship, and Super Bowl. The defense should improve as time goes by and guys get experience. Now the offenses is humming and it will be needed all season if the Falcons want to salvage the year and give them a selves come winter to compete. If they’re dropping at a 35 point clip (which would be tough, but possible with the talent), and the defense can manage to get a few stops when needed, they may be able to last long enough to get Jones back in time to give them a needed push going into the end of the season. There is still opportunity to get this turned around and getting to the playoffs primed to try and make a run. It’s time to truly Rise Up!




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