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Atlanta Falcons Roster Preview – Defense

Welcome back to your Falcons internet expert edition of the Atlanta Falcons roster preview. Much like last week's offensive edition (linked below), this is the Internet experts review of where the roster finished up last season and how that compares to initial look this season. I've been on NFL Game Pass and Madden all winter.… Continue reading Atlanta Falcons Roster Preview – Defense

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Can Falcons fix Defensive Issues?

Watching the Falcons this weekend and for a half of football it seemed the Falcons just may be able to hold even good offenses in some sort of check to give our potent offense a chance to out score opponents. Then came the 3rd quarter and quickly it was questioned is the defense is really… Continue reading Can Falcons fix Defensive Issues?

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Falcons Frenzy : 2018 Season Opener

It's 2018 and welcome to this seasons first edition of Falcons Frenzy where we will cover areas of the Falcons and answer questions the people raise in the comments section. Without further ado, RISE UP! It's a new dawn, and the brotherhood shall rise again! I'll be honest, and I am not sure if it's… Continue reading Falcons Frenzy : 2018 Season Opener