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5 Fantasy Football Targets for 2020

5 Fantasy Football Names to consider in 2020.

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Atlanta Falcons Roster Preview – Offense

Its Sunday, and we've had some time to digest the direction and draft picks Dimitroff and Quinn keyed in on this year. Watching and listening to the "experts" grade the draft, I figured, shoot, I'm an internet expert too. So here is, in my expert fan opinion, the most complete, accurate internet review for where… Continue reading Atlanta Falcons Roster Preview – Offense

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Red Zone Woes Plague Falcons

NFL opening kickoff has finally come and passed. Last night we were treated with two of the better built teams in the NFL, and in all honesty, it was kind of a disappointment. The game was full of dumb mistakes (running into kicker, lining up offsides, and questionable penalties). All in all, there were a… Continue reading Red Zone Woes Plague Falcons

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Falcons Frenzy : Week 3 Preseason Review

Falcons played week 3's preseason in Jacksonville this week. Week 3 is always the most interesting week to watch to see who starts and how the chemistry goes. Otherwise it's pretty run of the mill for most teams who want to keep their wrinkles up their sleeve until it matters. This week is the best… Continue reading Falcons Frenzy : Week 3 Preseason Review

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Falcons Frenzy : 2018 Season Opener

It's 2018 and welcome to this seasons first edition of Falcons Frenzy where we will cover areas of the Falcons and answer questions the people raise in the comments section. Without further ado, RISE UP! It's a new dawn, and the brotherhood shall rise again! I'll be honest, and I am not sure if it's… Continue reading Falcons Frenzy : 2018 Season Opener