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Fantasy Waiver Wire Flyers

Week 2 is almost in the books heading into Monday night, so let's take a look at some flyers who are still on many waiver wire lists, but aren't recognized nationally yet. These guys have either out performed the first couple weeks or are guys who are starting to see an up tick in volume.… Continue reading Fantasy Waiver Wire Flyers

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Fantasy Traps : Avoid These Pitfalls

Every year in fantasy football there is a player who is a pitfall. The thing about these guys is it can be for a multitude of reasons, and finding which guys are pitfalls, well, that is what separates chumps and champs. The trick to any good league management is to come in to the draft… Continue reading Fantasy Traps : Avoid These Pitfalls

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Falcons Frenzy : Week 3 Preseason Review

Falcons played week 3's preseason in Jacksonville this week. Week 3 is always the most interesting week to watch to see who starts and how the chemistry goes. Otherwise it's pretty run of the mill for most teams who want to keep their wrinkles up their sleeve until it matters. This week is the best… Continue reading Falcons Frenzy : Week 3 Preseason Review