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Super Bowl MVP*

Now that the NFL has come and gone with less than ideal intrigue, it’s time to take a look back at the standouts from this year.

Thank you Chiefs and Rams for making things fun and interesting. Both teams finished 1 and 2 in points per game, yards per game, and yards per play. We all saw the real Super Bowl Week 11 in a game that, coincidentally, played no defense in one of the more exciting games of the year. However, in the deciding game, defense would be the real champion.

We’ve seen how the NFL has become a pass-happy, offensive-driven league in recent seasons, so it’s nice to see some defense for a change. So, let’s give the Patriots a little credit for shutting down one of the top 2 offenses in the NFL. Which is why it’s hard to understand how Julian Edelman won the Super Bowl MVP away from the defense. It’s not like Edelman scored a touchdown or even setup the game winning touchdown. He just caught a bunch of passes and had the best stat-line.

The Super Bowl MVP could’ve easily went to a number of guys. Dont’a Hightower had 2 sacks and a pass deflection. Stephon Gilmore had 5 tackles and made the most important play by intercepting Jared Goff when they were looking like they were finally getting it going on offense. Finally, there was Jonathon Jones with 6 Solo Tackles, 1 Assisted Tackles, and 1 Sack.

In a game that saw one of the best defensive performances in Super Bowl history it is a crying shame that Julian Edelman aka “Known Cheater” was rewarded by having superior skills that were artificially inserted into his muscles before the season started. The NFL should really look into their performance enhancer penalties in the coming years.

Regular Season MVPs

TOSS Fantasy Championship Trophy

I mentioned earlier in our fantasy articles that TOSS has created a point value system for offensive and defensive players which reflects, what we believe as, a player’s true contribution. We have bonus points, .5 ppr, full defensive stats like TFL and Pass Deflections among many other factors like negative points. Past seasons have seen Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson take home MVP honors in 2016 and 2017. This year let’s look at our Top 3 Offensive Players.

  1. Patrick Mahomes490.84 Fantasy Points, 5097 Pass Yards, 50 TDs, 12 Ints, 272 Rush Yards, 2 Rush TDs, 18 rushing 1st downs, 1 2pt conversion, lost 2 of 9 fumbles.
  2. Matt Ryan408.00 Fantasy Points, 4924 Pass Yards, 35 TD, 7 Ints, 125 Rush Yards, 3 Rush TDs, 15 rushing 1st downs, 2 2pt conversions, lost 5 of 10 fumbles.
  3. Ben Roethlisberger382.40 Fantasy Points, 5129 Pass Yards, 34 TDs, 16 Ints, 98 Rush Yards, 3 Rush TD, 13 rushing 1st downs, 4 2pt Conversions, lost 2 of 7 fumbles.

Yes, we’ve had running backs reach the top 3 before but it’s just really hard to surpass a top end QB like Mahomes this year. He took the league by storm and should be high on everyone’s board next preseason. I guess I won’t be lucky again and get him in the 10th and 11th rounds like this year.

As far as defensive players go, we play 1 DL, 2 LBs, 1 CB, and 1 S. We like to believe that fantasy should reflect real life in that, if your offense has an off day then your defense can still win you the game.

Our past winners were Landon Collins in 2016 with 189.90 points and C.J. Mosley in 2017 with 182.60 points. This year’s top defensive player is unique because they are a rookie. Let’s look at the top 3 defensive players of 2018.

  1. Darius Leonard216.40 fantasy points, 111 solo tackles, 52 assisted tackles, 12 TFL, 7 Sacks, 8 Pass Deflections, 2 INTS, 4 Forced Fumbles, and 2 Fumble Recoveries.
  2. Cory Littleton189.40 fantasy points, 90 Solo Tackles, 35 Assisted Tackles, 9 TFL, 4 Sacks, 1 Safety, 13 Pass Deflections, 2 Blocked Kicks, 3 INTS, and 1 TD.
  3. Bobby Wagner175.45 fantasy points, 84 Solo Tackles, 54 Assisted Tackles, 6 TFL, 1 Sack, 11 Pass Defections, 1 Blocked Kick, 1 INT, 2 Forced Fumbles, 1 Fumble Recovery, and 1 TD.

We’ll be back at it next year with some scoring tweaking and we’ll be looking forward to another Fantasy Football Season. As far as the NFL goes, it needs some work. Football is growing stale when the referees are deciding the games for everyone. Both of the teams in the Super Bowl shouldn’t have been there and the game was a direct reflection of that.

Until next time, remember to love thy neighbor, just beat them in fantasy.


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