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Maple Leafs Hot Start

With the exception of a minor blip in the radar against the Senators on the road, Toronto has been playing some inspired Ice Hockey. Whether going down early and playing from behind and grinding a game out like their opener against the Canadians, to win in overtime, or playing the front runner and using their stacked offense, to blow past an equally formidable opponent in the Dallas Stars, they have got off to a blistering start. The coming of age of star youngster Auston Matthews, linking up with the newly acquired John Tavares and Tyler Ennis, has created an attack most NHL teams would envy.Image result for matthews tavares However, not always do the star players fire from the get-go. This isn’t the case for the Maple Leafs, though, with Matthews and Tavares currently sitting atop the goal scorers list with tallies of seven and six goals respectively. Most players would settle for this total against their name through 10-12 games. The Leafs stars have done it in four games! How far can this high octane offense take them? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, they have all the right ingredients to challenge DEEP into June and maybe even bring the Holy Grail home!


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