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Current MLB Ties Totals through 5/2

Below is the updated League wide standings going into the weekend if baseball had ties. A quick recap of how it works:

  • We look at all Extra Inning games as Ties.
  • We subtract the wins and losses from all Extra Inning games
  • The point totals are Regulation Win = 1; Ties = .5
  • Add them together and we get the totals for all of the MLB

If the season ended today your playoff teams would be the following:


  • Tampa Bay
  • Minnesota
  • Houston
    • Cleveland
    • Seattle


  • Los Angeles
  • St. Louis
  • Philadelphia
    • San Diego
    • Arizona
MLB TeamsPoints
Tampa Bay Rays21.5
Los Angeles Dodgers20.5
St. Louis Cardinals19
Philadelphia Phillies18.5
San Diego Padres18.5
Minnesota Twins18.5
Houston Astros17.5
Arizona Diamondbacks17.5
Milwaukee Brewers17
Cleveland Indians16.5
Seattle Mariners16.5
New York Yankees16
Atlanta Braves15.5
Chicago Cubs15.5
Los Angeles Angels15.5
Oakland Athletics15
Texas Rangers15
New York Mets15
Toronto Blue Jays14.5
Chicago White Sox14.5
Colorado Rockies14.5
Boston Red Sox13.5
Cincinnati Reds13.5
Detroit Tigers13
Washington Nationals13
Pittsburgh Pirates12.5
San Francisco Giants12.5
Kansas City Royals12
Baltimore Orioles10.5
Miami Marlins9

The differences between using ties and our chart are small but impactful. Cleveland and Seattle are the Wild Card teams for the AL, with the New York Yankees barely missing out. In the NL, San Diego and Arizona make the Wild Card leaving Chicago out of the playoffs.

This system benefits the MLB by removing Extra Inning Losses from teams and helping boost their records ever so slightly. In theory, this would add a team or 2 into the playoff conversation down the stretch. This would add intrigue without adding playoff spots. Finally, if all games tied in the 9th would end in ties, this would add a level of strategy on behalf of managers with how they utilized the bullpen, potentially saving arms from use and keeping guys available for the next day and so on.

I have always been a fan of “Free Baseball” but the benefits of ties throughout a 162 game season outweighs the extra couple of innings one might get to see for “Free”. If MLB took a page out of international soccer and utilized Extra Innings in playoff situations only, it would be a small change which would help the sport in the long run.


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