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TOSS Tie Chart (Updated through 6/10)

It finally happened! We finally have our 1st team of the year get to double digits! After a season long streak for most Extra Inning Games Played by the Pittsburgh Pirates, we finally have our 1st double digit team in the Arizona Diamondbacks. The D-Backs reached a league leading 10th Extra Inning game and beat the Dodgers 3-2 in the 11th. Let’s all give it up for the D-Backs. I really thought the Pirates would be the first.

We had another first this past week as the Seattle Mariners lost their 1st extra inning game of the season after starting 4-0 with their loss to Houston in 14 innings. Which turned out to be a great matchup between 2 of our 3 undefeated teams this season. With Seattle’s loss, only 2 undefeated teams remain in Extras in 2019:

  • Houston Astros – 4-0
  • Minnesota Twins – 1-0

We still have 3 winless teams in extras this season. The Dodgers had their chance against the Diamondbacks as mentioned above but they stay in short company as 1 of 3 teams looking to win their first game after the 9th inning.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers – 0-2
  • Chicago White Sox – 0-1
  • Cleveland Indians – 0-3

Even though the D-backs overtook the Pirates with 10 EI games played, both teams are tied with the league lead in Extra Inning Wins. So don’t worry Pirates fans, there’s still room at the top for you guys.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks – 6-4
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – 6-3

Now for the updated table to accurately view the 2019 season through a different lens.

Los Angeles Dodgers46
Houston Astros43
Minnesota Twins42.5
Tampa Bay Rays41
New York Yankees39.5
Philadelphia Phillies38
Milwaukee Brewers37.5
Chicago Cubs37
Atlanta Braves35
Oakland Athletics35
Texas Rangers34.5
Cleveland Indians34.5
San Diego Padres33.5
Arizona Diamondbacks33
Boston Red Sox32.5
New York Mets32
Colorado Rockies31.5
Chicago White Sox31.5
Los Angeles Angels31
St. Louis Cardinals30.5
Cincinnati Reds30
Washington Nationals30
Pittsburgh Pirates28.5
Seattle Mariners26.5
San Francisco Giants24.5
Detroit Tigers24.5
Toronto Blue Jays24
Miami Marlins24
Kansas City Royals21
Baltimore Orioles21

After many weeks of the Rays in first, the Dodgers have taken the lead and look to have a strong hold on the top spot for the moment. Who can take them down?

NL Playoff Picture:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Milwaukee Brewers
    • Chicago Cubs
    • Atlanta Braves

AL Playoff Picture:

  • Houston Astros
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Tampa Bay Rays
    • New York Yankees
    • Oakland Athletics

A couple of differences from this picture and the actual standings:

  • Tampa Bay wins the AL East over the Yankees because Tampa has lost 4 games in extras which when converted to ties helps improve their overall record.
  • Milwaukee wins the NL Central over the Cubs by .5 points. However the Cubs have played 2 less games than the Brewers so this will be a fun race to follow.
  • Oakland remains in our playoff race where the actual wild card standings have yet to have the A’s the past few weeks. The major difference from the 33-33 team and our view of the team is that 6 of their losses came in extras. So with a record of 2-6 in extras converted into ties, Oakland’s record looks significantly different, 31-27-8.

MLB may never go to ties. Too many people like Free Baseball and extras can be exciting. However, winning a game against the 7th reliever or losing a game from your 7th reliever should be recorded differently. Much in the way the NHL values Overtime Losses, MLB would be wise to factor in these games to a degree to accurately place the best teams in the playoffs at the end of the year.

The change would lead to closer pennant races and wild card races. We’ll look at things in a month or so to figure out if the change would alter the buyers and sellers market come trade deadline time. Overall, I think it would add excitement and another level of intrigue to the baseball season, something Major League Baseball has been looking for answers.



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