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MLB Tie Table Update: 6/03

If the season ended today:

NL Playoffs:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Milwaukee Brewers
    • Atlanta Braves
    • Chicago Cubs

AL Playoffs:

  • Minnesota Twins
  • Houston Astros
  • New York Yankees
    • Tampa Bay Rays
    • *Oakland Athletics/Texas Rangers

A couple of stats from the season so far:

  • The Los Angeles Angels won their 1st Extra Inning game Wednesday (29th) to dwindle the list of winless EI teams to 3.
    • (Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • Arizona and Pittsburgh are tied at most EI games played in 2019 with 9.
    • Arizona is 5-4
    • Pittsburgh is 6-3
    • Oakland is 2nd with 8 EI games played with a record of 2-6.
  • Only the White Sox, Dodgers, and Twins have played 1 EI game with the Minnesota being the only win between them.
  • Houston, Minnesota, and Seattle remain undefeated once the 10th begins.
    • Houston is 2-0
    • Minnesota is 1-0
    • Seattle is 4-0
MLB TeamsPoints
Los Angeles Dodgers41.5
Minnesota Twins39.5
Houston Astros39
New York Yankees38
Tampa Bay Rays36
Philadelphia Phillies34
Milwaukee Brewers33.5
Atlanta Braves31.5
*Oakland Athletics31
Chicago Cubs31
*Texas Rangers31
San Diego Padres30.5
Cleveland Indians30
Arizona Diamondbacks29.5
St. Louis Cardinals29.5
Colorado Rockies29.5
Chicago White Sox29.5
Los Angeles Angels29
Boston Red Sox28.5
Cincinnati Reds28
New York Mets27.5
Pittsburgh Pirates26.5
Washington Nationals26
Seattle Mariners23
San Francisco Giants23
Detroit Tigers22.5
Toronto Blue Jays22
Miami Marlins21.5
Kansas City Royals20
Baltimore Orioles18

With today being MLB draft day, I find it appropriate to point out the differences in the MLB Points Table versus the current system. First of all, playoff position is impacted with Boston making it into the wild card in normal circumstances but here we have Texas and Oakland tied for a 1 game play-in game. By forcing ties in the 9th inning, 3 teams under .500 improve to winning records.

  • Chicago White Sox – 29-29-1 (29-30)
  • Cleveland Indians – 29-28-2 (29-30)
  • Oakland Athletics – 27-24-8 (29-30)

Secondly, by ending games after 9 and recognizing the overall/actual results via the points the top of the draft now is impacted.

Notable differences between the current top of the draft order:

  • Miami would switch with Toronto for the 3rd pick (4th to TOR)
  • Pittsburgh would have the 9th pick instead of the 11th pick.
  • Oakland makes the biggest move from picking 15th with a sup-.500 record to being a Wild Card team and picking 21st.

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