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TOSS Tie Table: 7/22

We are finally past the All-Star Break and heading towards the trade deadline. With the last half of July providing direction as to which teams should be buyers and sellers, it’ll be interesting to see which sellers would still be in the playoff race or not if ties were around. We’ll look at that in August once the dust settles.

  • Some interesting facts about extra inning games in 2019:
    • The San Francisco Giants won the weekend series against the New York Mets 3 of 4. All three wins came in extra innings to give the Mets and the Giants 11 total extra inning games. The Atlanta Braves and Colorado Rockies also have 11.
    • The Diamondbacks and Pirates are tied with 13 total games played in extras.
    • Houston won another extra inning game over the past week to remain as the league’s best team in extras with a record of 8-1.
    • The Los Angeles Angels and Baltimore Orioles are the last remaining teams with only 1 win in extras.
      • Angels = 1-3
      • Orioles = 1-4
    • The Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays round out the teams with double digit games played in extras. Who will be next?

Below are the updated records through 7/22:

Arizona Diamondbacks434413
Atlanta Braves523811
Baltimore Orioles30635
Boston Red Sox484210
Chicago Cubs50427
Chicago White Sox41514
Cincinnati Reds42469
Cleveland Indians55385
Colorado Rockies414711
Detroit Tigers26609
Houston Astros56369
Kansas City Royals34589
Los Angeles Angels51464
Los Angeles Dodgers64335
Miami Marlins33568
Milwaukee Brewers47459
Minnesota Twins56357
New York Mets424611
New York Yankees59327
Oakland Athletics55369
Philadelphia Phillies48448
Pittsburgh Pirates394613
San Diego Padres45477
San Francisco Giants414811
Seattle Mariners35598
St. Louis Cardinals45449
Tampa Bay Rays543810
Texas Rangers46449
Toronto Blue Jays35579
Washington Nationals50426

Below are the updated MLB Power Rankings:

MLB TeamsPoints
Los Angeles Dodgers66.5
New York Yankees62.5
Houston Astros60.5
Minnesota Twins59.5
Oakland Athletics59.5
Tampa Bay Rays59
Atlanta Braves57.5
Cleveland Indians57.5
Chicago Cubs53.5
Washington Nationals53
Boston Red Sox53
Los Angeles Angels53
Philadelphia Phillies52
Milwaukee Brewers51.5
Texas Rangers50.5
Arizona Diamondbacks49.5
St. Louis Cardinals49.5
San Diego Padres48.5
New York Mets47.5
Cincinnati Reds46.5
Colorado Rockies46.5
San Francisco Giants46.5
Pittsburgh Pirates45.5
Chicago White Sox43
Toronto Blue Jays39.5
Seattle Mariners39
Kansas City Royals38.5
Miami Marlins37
Baltimore Orioles32.5
Detroit Tigers30.5
  • AL Playoff:
    • New York Yankees
    • Houston Astros
    • Minnesota Twins
      • Oakland Athletics
      • Minnesota Twins
  • NL Playoff:
    • Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Atlanta Braves
    • Chicago Cubs
      • Washington Nationals
      • Philadelphia Phillies



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