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    • New York Yankees
    • Houston Astros
    • Minnesota Twins
      • Tampa Bay Rays
      • Cleveland Indians
    • Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Atlanta Braves
    • Chicago Cubs
      • Washington Nationals
      • Philadelphia Phillies
MLB TeamsPoints
Los Angeles Dodgers73.5
New York Yankees70
Houston Astros70
Minnesota Twins69.5
Tampa Bay Rays67.5
Cleveland Indians66.5
Oakland Athletics65.5
Atlanta Braves63
Chicago Cubs60.5
Washington Nationals59.5
Boston Red Sox58
Philadelphia Phillies58
Los Angeles Angels57.5
Texas Rangers57
New York Mets57
St. Louis Cardinals56
Milwaukee Brewers55.5
Arizona Diamondbacks55.5
Cincinnati Reds54.5
San Diego Padres53
Colorado Rockies51.5
San Francisco Giants51.5
Pittsburgh Pirates48
Chicago White Sox47
Toronto Blue Jays45.5
Seattle Mariners45.5
Miami Marlins42.5
Kansas City Royals42
Baltimore Orioles39
Detroit Tigers34
Arizona Diamondbacks495013
Atlanta Braves564314
Baltimore Orioles36696
Boston Red Sox535110
Chicago Cubs56469
Chicago White Sox44596
Cincinnati Reds495011
Cleveland Indians63417
Colorado Rockies465511
Detroit Tigers286712
Houston Astros653810
Kansas City Royals376610
Los Angeles Angels55535
Los Angeles Dodgers71385
Miami Marlins38629
Milwaukee Brewers505211
Minnesota Twins65379
New York Mets514812
New York Yankees66378
Oakland Athletics604111
Philadelphia Phillies534810
Pittsburgh Pirates415614
San Diego Padres49548
San Francisco Giants455413
Seattle Mariners41649
St. Louis Cardinals514910
Tampa Bay Rays624011
Texas Rangers524910
Toronto Blue Jays406311
Washington Nationals56487

A couple of notes as of 8/5:

  • The Atlanta Braves (10-4) and Pittsburgh Pirates (7-7) have played in the most Extra Inning games (14)
  • Scratching and clawing, the San Francisco Giants have not only gotten themselves back into a Playoff hunt, they have over taken the Houston Astros as the leader of Extra Inning games with a record of 11-2 (Astros are 8-2).
  • The Angels lost another one in extras and remains the only team in baseball with only 1 win after the 9th inning.
  • 18 teams have now played double digit Extra Inning games.



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